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Location: Virtual on Zoom

Date and Time:

April 23, 2024 (1:00-3:30 CST)

April 25, 2024 (1:00-3:30 CST)

April 30, 2024 (1:00-3:30 CST)

May 2, 2024 (1:00-3:30 CST)

Cost: $1000.00 + GST = $1050.00 per/participant

What we cover: Click on workshop above or contact us

Last day for registration and payment: May 1, 2024 (On-line registration and payment)


For details contact us at:

T 306.543.6823

C 306.570.1875


On-lin​e Two-day Workshop: Intentional Leadership

Location: Virtual on Zoom

Date: June 6 (day 1) and June 8 (day 2), 2023

Time: 11:00-5:00 CST (Both Days)

Cost: $1000.00 + GST = $1050.00 per/participant

What we cover: Click on workshop above or contact us

Last day for registration and payment: June 5, 2023 (On-line registration and payment)


For details contact us at:

T 306.543.6823

C 306.570.1875


What Alberta and British Columbia People Are Saying About Mâwandônan Consulting's "Aboriginal Consultation" Workshop

“Clayton provided clarity and simple understanding of Aboriginal consultation's jurisdiction that I spent four years in University’s Native Studies trying to ascertain.” (Elena Gould - Manager of Aboriginal Relations - Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo)


“If you are looking for a course to use as credits for your land agents license renewal or PSL I would recommend that you look at this one coming up. My whole team just attended this on January 22, 2013 and found it excellent.” (Andy Fulford - Surface Land Manager - Birchcliff Energy Ltd.)


“This workshop would be great for our surface land group and others dealing with First Nations consultation. Clayton made this a very informative course and it had great discussions.” (Nikki Sitch - Surface Landman - Barrick Energy Inc.)


"This workshop would benefit our organization. Clayton was engaging, incredibly well versed, well read and prepared. He was an absolute professional guiding industry and First Nations information." (Amber Armstrong - Communications and Public Relations - DMI Peace River Pulp Division)


“I see this course having great benefit and value for members of our asset teams (Engineers and Geologists). Clayton is very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic which makes it infectious for participants.” (Sarah Johnson - Talisman Energy Inc.)


"I would love to have this workshop be given to our company. I think it would be important to show the different perspectives and the important engagement techniques. Clayton is an excellent facilitator - very dynamic and engaging." (Tracey Courser - Management Forester - West Fraser)


"It was very valuable to learn about the Treaties and the Indian Act. Clayton was very engaging without being theatrical; his passion and understanding of the material is genuine and authentic." (Kate McEwen - Stakeholder Engagement Specialist - Integrated Environments Ltd.)


"The most valuable aspects of this workshop was the diverse representation of participants and how Clayton was able to weave the historical and current context of the Duty to Consult. Clayton provided an excellent and engaging presentation of the material. Well Done Clayton and thank you." (Kevin Redden - Manager of Surface Land and Environment - City of Medicine Hat Natural Gas and Petroleum Resources)


"I found the principles behind the Treaty process and the laying out of best communication methods behind why industry should want to consult. Clayton did a fantastic job and this workshop would serve to enlighten our staff and educate them on the consultation discussion." (Donald Duncan - President - Millennium Land)


"This workshop provided a clear and concise understanding of the Duty to Consult. Clayton has a very engaging and involving perspective presentation style that was very effective in providing the material." (Alex Glenen - Stony Valley Contracting)


"Clayton has an extensive knowledge about this topic and people behind these initiatives, This information is aligned with our perspectives, so it would certainly augment our information. Overall, an enjoyable presentation with humour which was appreciated." (Michelle Knibb - Kapawe'no First Nation)


"Clayton's ability to relate basic business principles to the reasoning behind Native American and industry perspectives was very useful. It created a common thread between both groups that is easy to understand and resonate with. Clayton was engaging and easy to discuss things with, and knows when to pause on ideas for deeper thinking." (Megan McKeage - HR Advisor - Magnum Energy Services))


"The presentation on the treaties and their relevance to consultation was very eye opening. This helped me gain a better understanding of the current issues at hand. Clayton kept the interest of everyone and made this workshop very enjoyable. Great workshop Clayton!" (Jessica Price - Land Administrator - Welltraxx)


"The valuable aspect of this workshop was how Clayton guided the engaging of industry with the First Nations in the workshop. His presentation on the treaties was excellent and I have to say that this whole workshop was excellent." (Richard Stanley - Land Manager - Onion Lake Cree Nation)


"This workshop was very valuable from two perspectives: historical knowledge of First Nations from a legal perspective and the engagement of other participants. Clayton provided excellent facilitation and communication skills and I enjoyed his unique informed perspective that he brought to the discussion." (Jesse Griffith - Manager Mineral Land - Tundra Oil and Gas Partnership)


"Clayton did an excellent job of presenting what is a very complicated topic."

(Andrew Johnson - Consultant - FORCORP)


"This workshop gave us an opportunity to get a more nuanced impression of the challenge industry faces in meeting consultation requirements. Clayton is very knowledgeable and approached challenging and uncomfortable topics well. This workshop would benefit our organization because it provides a better understanding of the legal, regulatory, and practical context of treaty relations." (Kurtis Blaikie - Sr. Project Archeologist - Tree Time Services Inc.)


"Clayton was very knowledgeable and presented the information in an engaging way. I would highly recommend this workshop to others." (Louise Riopel - Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.)


"It was enlightening to see that others can be as frustrated with the Consultation Policies and Guidelines. Clayton was great." (Darlene Kappo - Consultation Manager - Sturgeon Lake)


"Clayton was very effective in communicating ideas as well as some of the facts and figures he discussed. Many Government people should attend this workshop so they can better understand the consultation process and issues." (Scott Johnson - Area Forester - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry)


"Clayton was an excellent communicator and facilitator. Our First Nation Chief and Council would benefit from this workshop because consultation is evolving." (Georgina Wildcat - Consultation - Ermineskin Industrial Relations Department)


"I give Clayton and this workshop an A+. This workshop would be of great value as it would mitigate roadblocks, increase understanding between stakeholders and proponents." (Jack Flett - Regulatory Affairs Coordinator - Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation)


"Clayton is an excellent presenter, and is very knowledgeable. He had excellent suggestions for initiating relationships and engaging Aboriginal groups." (Barb Logan - Paragon Soil)


"Actually found the whole day to be very informative and to flow into each new topic. Enjoyed listening to Clayton and found him to really know his material." (Roy Bjorklund - Métis Region 6 Alberta)


"This workshop would greatly benefit Little Red River Cree Nation in how we develop greater trust with Industry. Clayton conducted a great workshop." (Lindee Dumas - Consultation Officer - Little Red River Cree Nation)


"It was very useful to have interactive discussions regarding emphasis on early engagement and comprehensive consultation. The information on the treaties and legislative discussions added much to the workshop." (Brent Opdahl - Land Manager - Peace Country Land Ltd.).


"Having both Industry and Aboriginal Consultation groups provided greater perspective and value to the workshop. Clayton is very personable, informative and entertaining. Great dresser too - very stylish." (Brock Stoyko - Land Agent - Phoenix Land Services)


"I found the whole entire workshop - material - and the attendees -- input and information very valuable. Clayton is a very good facilitator." (Emily Calliou - Consultation Coordinator - Sucker Creek First Nation)


"Enjoyed engaging other groups in a "safe" environment. Clayton's presentation on the Treaties was enlightening and I very much enjoyed listening and participating with Clayton." (Leo Forseille - HSER Advisor - Penn West)


"Clayton's straight shooter and unbiased approach was so refreshing. He was well spoken and well educated on the material. It was a very eye opening workshop." (Kris Holthe - Taqa North Ltd.)


"Clayton was entertaining and out spoken which is what we need to learn from." (Farrah Grey - HR Manager - Horse Lake First Nation)


"Clayton added a lot of humour to the course. It was good how he engaged with it and used story telling to enhance the information. Enjoyed Clayton's honesty when making comments and when he was asked questions." (Amanda Gladue - Councillor - Sturgeon Lake First Nation)


"Excellent course - great presenter. Clayton was informative, engaging and fun. The workshop opened my eyes to many issues about Aboriginals that I did not know." (Dwayne Irwin - Saskatchewan Land Manager - Tundra Oil and Gas Partnership)


"Clayton brings a super sense of humour to the table which sets the tone for subject matter which is a heavy topic. Hands down the most valuable aspect of the workshop was the interactive discussion between the various groups." (Zachary Cole - Resource Analyst - Silvacom Ltd.)


"Clayton was very engaging, is a good presenter, and he made the information clear and enjoyable. The clear background to the Treaties was very useful." (Kyle Chisholm - Forester - Vanderwell Contractors)


"Clayton was a great presenter, and was very knowledgeable, and he kept us on track. Most useful was the great examples, knowledgeable responses from the instructor, and the take home reference material." (Meghan Payne - Lesser Slave Watershed Council)


"Clayton provided an atmosphere that made everyone feel comfortable to share experiences and opinions. This led to candid discussions on consultation and experiences." (Amy Slack - Mistik Environmental Services Ltd.)


"I thought this course was fantastic. Great overview of the material, but may be an opportunity to provide a two-day course to spend more time on some of the material. Clayton was great fun and made the course very enjoyable." (Ken Anderson - Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.)


"I give this workshop a 10 out of 10. Clayton was very knowledgeable." (Lanny Ferguson - Knappett Industries)


"Clayton is an engaging speaker and a great discussion facilitator. Very knowledgeable on the workshop topic." (Alyssa Bruce - Lead, Mineral and Surface Land Administration - Strategic Oil & Gas Ltd.)

“Excellent presentation of material by Clayton and he is very engaging.” (Malina Adams - Husky Energy)


“This was a great course. Thanks so much Clayton.” (Rob Sea - HMA Land)


"Adaptable, flexible and ready to roll with group conversations and questions. Clayton is very knowledgeable about treaties." (Jocelyn Kelln - Advisor Stakeholder and Aboriginal Relations - SUNCOR)


"I found Clayton Desjarlais to be an excellent resource on Aboriginal issues and history. This workshop would be very helpful for all land agents and management in order to help them understand the various treaties that affect the bands in the areas we are working in." (Terry Redekop - Ontario Land Manager - RPS/HMA)


“Clayton you did an amazing job of putting historical issues and Aboriginal consultation into perspective. This workshop was a valuable use of time.” (Heather Friesen - Drilling and Completions Manager - Barrick Energy)


"There was great value in this time with you Clayton. You gave me insight into the treaties and their connection with consultation. As a First Nations Stake-holder person, I am blessed to be in this workshop." (Lee Cardinal - Stakeholder-Relations - CNRL)


"Clayton, you have an excellent amount of knowledge on this subject. Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us." (Cassidy Christoffersen - Land Agent - Phoenix Land Services)


"Great energy. I liked the passion and your ability to separate yourself from personal opinions." (Fabian Warner - Encana)


"Great job Clayton. You were well prepared and are an excellent communicator." (Bert Larocque - Woodlands Manager - Alberta Plywood)


"Great speaker. Encourages discussion which is important and interesting in what could have been dry and complicated material." (Natalie Trofimencoff - Environmental Planner - Carson Integrated)


"Clayton was very informative and entertaining. I enjoyed the workshop very much." (Blaine Patrick - Acquisitions Manager - Caribou Land Services Ltd.)


"Great facilitating. Very knowledgeable and was not biased when presenting. Good examples." (Melanie Lusk - First Nations Land Administrator - Scottland & Lease Ltd.)


"Clayton knows the subject well. Good educator." (Sirt Lin - Challenger Geomatics Ltd.)


"Clayton gave a very insightful presentation that was both humourous and very interactive with the participants." (Theresa Sacha - Manager Surface Land - Longview Oil Corp)


"Excellent, unbiased presentation on facts and issues facing First Nations communities. Good description of strategies to deal with the differences in cultures, to result in more meaningful consultation and engagement with Aboriginal Peoples." (Chad Gardeski - Extension Specialist - FPInnovations)


"The most valuable part of the workshop was the history behind the need and requirements for the consultation process - excellent knowledge." (Chad Dalke - Senior Landman - Pembina)


"Clayton was energetic, well spoken, and knows the subject well." (Frédéric Paquette - Human Resources Manager - Canadian Road Builders)


"Clayton was a good presenter and very knowledgeable." (Sheldon Szmata - Area Manager - Strike Energy)


"Excellent information and brings a wider perspective on issues. Clayton was excellent and allowed very fluid discussion which was very important." (Beryl Ostrom - RBSR Enterprises)


"I found Clayton to be an enjoyable facilitator, we were given a lot of information and were able to have a few laughs along the way." (Rocky Martin - Surface Land Coordinator - MSL Land)


"Clayton was very accommodating and understanding of potentially "pointed" questions around views of Indian culture." (Tom Daniels - Superintendent - Sundre Forest Products)


"I found Clayton forthright and fair in his presentation of the course. This allowed for an open dialogue that promotes a more "real" understanding of the important issues." (Scott Schneider - Senior Land Agent - Sun Agro Land Services Ltd.)


October 16, 2008 Excellent workshop titled: Building Relationships with Aboriginal People

"I took a workshop today called Building Relationships with Aboriginal People, developed and presented by Clayton Desjarlais of Mâwandônan Consulting, and I have to say:


This workshop was extremely educational and engaging. Clayton Desjarlais' presentation of complicated and tough subject matter such as treaties, the Indian Act, and residential schools was dynamic and thought-provoking. I laughed and I cried. I must admit my prior knowledge of these subjects was shamefully slim, and I'm so glad to have learned more today.

If you have the opportunity to attend this workshop (or any presentation by Desjarlais, for that matter), DO IT. I really wish all Canadians could take this workshop." (Kim Byrns - Sasktel)

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