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Clayton Desjarlais, MA

    Clayton has been the owner of Mâwandônan Consulting since 1996, and has experience delivering seminars and workshops coupled with extensive research experience.  Prior to consulting, Clayton held the position of Sessional Lecturer and Research Assistant at the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College.  As a Status Indian and through his activities with the Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians of Saskatchewan (AMNSIS) while it was in existence, he is acutely aware of the issues faced by Aboriginal people in Saskatchewan.  Clayton's workshops cover diverse subjects such as: Aboriginal Awareness; Diversity Training; Communication Skills; Team Building; Aboriginal Issues; Conflict Resolution; Leadership Development; Consulting For Success; Stress Management; Time Management, Change Management, Aboriginal Consultation and Negotiating a Consultation Agreement.  Clayton has also been involved in the Assessment of Organizational Training Programs and has worked on projects involving the Regional Bilateral Agreements between Human Resources Development Canada, the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.   Clayton has done an employment needs assessment for SaskFerco related to the issues and needs of increasing that corporation’s Aboriginal workforce. The project included conducting focus groups, collecting data, doing an extensive analysis, and completing a report with recommendations.  Clayton has also been contracted by Kikinahk Friendship Centre in LaRonge to do a Facilities Review.  The project included evaluating Kikinahk Board meeting minutes; designing and conducting focus groups and submitting a final report with short-term and long-term recommendations.  Clayton has completed a project with ISC to facilitate a number of focus-groups including a submission of findings.   Clayton was contracted to write a Representative Workforce Strategy workshop booklet for the Provincial Government.  Clayton was then asked to facilitate training sessions for Provincial Government facilitators so they could present this workshop to a number of organizations.

    Mâwandônan Consulting’s philosophy has always been that the best reason for organizations to embrace diversity is that it is good business.  When an organization desires to meet the needs of its customers, and to strengthen its workforce, then diversity becomes the catalyst to meaningful cultural change.
   Clayton’s Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Master of Arts are in the area of Indian Studies.  His area of research is the Amendment to the Indian Act and band membership codes in Saskatchewan.  Clayton is a member of the Cowessess First Nation and a resident of Regina, Saskatchewan.